Monthly Archive: February 2014

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The Titanfall beta was full of action as well as a few WTF moments…   If you have any TitanFails let us know and we’ll pull together ┬áthe best into a video showcase

Challenge complete!!

Well it was a struggle to say the least, but I got there in the end! It’s amazing how difficult this game is, you need reflexes like a cat and the hand eye coordination of a teenager. Alas the last 2 have long since past me by...

Challenge accepted

Ok so it’s half term. I have the week off. I was supposed to be spending this time catching up with my other half. But she has been called away on important business. So I thought I would put this time to good use. Now it’s not...

Titanfall Sunday Streaming

Watch Titanfall live on Sunday

Day 1 of the Titanfall beta has been heartbreaking for many.  The initial batch of invites were few in number and even our own team had limited access. Even after getting a code, completing the training and starting a match the fun was short lived as a...